B/R Sports on Max Launch

October, 2023

What makes live sports feel exciting?

That was the question I brought to my design team when we were tasked with creating a campaign to announce the addition of Live streaming to Max in partnership with B/R Sports. The answer…

The lights. The movement. The players.

3 visual elements for the gfx package: The B/R Sports logo, lighting texture, and blurred “LIVE SPORTS” text

So we created a graphics package that was used across digital and print ads, site takeovers, commercials, and out-of-home placements that utilized lights and movement to highlight players in action. 

Bringing B/R Sports on Max to life was multi-faceted. There was a lot of internal collaboration as there is anytime you design a new brand to be used by multiple teams. But there’s also a lot of different types of ads to make when launching multiple league coverage on a streaming service.

The team made ads featuring multiple leagues and single leagues, regional ads tailored to the fan base where they ran, and even custom Uber ads for people heading to arenas across the country. Partnering with strategy and WBD Sports who worked with the NBA, NHL, MLB, and U.S. Soccer, we ensured the right teams and players were featured and met league standards. And, as a side note, our producers really knocked this one out of the park keeping us all organized.