Warner Bros. Discovery Press Event

The Announcement of Max
April 12, 2023

In April of 2023, we brought members of the press to the Warner Bros. lot to announce our new combined streaming service: Max. As head of brand creative, I was able to lead not just the branding for the event itself but also curate the experience from the path attendees took through the lot–riding through the famous streets of small town America, passing by the Friends fountain, etc.–to the swag bags they received on the way out.

The event was held on historic Stage 14 (Casablanca, Gilmore Girls, etc.) and because it coincided with the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros., we had the unique opportunity to play with both the history and the future of the company with the branding of the event.

To that end, we brought WB’s shield to life in 3D and used it as the cornerstone visual element in both static and motion. Complementing it with a clean sans serif allowed us to keep the look classic and clean with the goal of making a visual impact when we announced Max. At that point, everything from the graphics on the screen to the lighting in the room took on the look of the new brand.