Whatcha Watchin’

Fall, 2021

discovery+ is home to addictive content that viewers love to binge–from true crime to home reno shows. So in 2021, we tapped into that with the Whatcha Watchin’ campaign. This 360° campaign allowed us to show that the depth and breadth of the discovery+ offering was the perfect catalyst to drive fan obsessions. 

The visual challenge here was to make a cohesive campaign while hopping in and out of genres with a clean break. I suggested we achieve this by tapping into our logo’s rainbow.

The fan was the center of attention for these spots, but the magic was in the detailed set design. Each obsessive fan’s home was immersed in the color assigned to their favorite genre–for instance, the woman watching true crime shows was living in a violet world while the man watching 90 Day was living in a world of red. This worked for both commercials and stills and eventually created a visual shorthand that bled into social content and end cards.